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Role of Carers in UK Adult Care Centres

ROLES OF CARERS IN ADULT CARE CENTRES IN THE UKNAME:COURSE:TUTOR’S NAME:DATE:IntroductionThe concept of social care in the United Kingdom can be described as the activities involved in the voluntary provision of social job, protection, social support or personal care services to the adults and children in total need or the children standing high chances of contracting diseases. It also involves the processes of taking care of the disabled, aged and poor families. These services are always aimed at offering protection for the destitute, improving both physical and mental health of their patients, promoting independence and social inclusion, empowering families to... Read More

Effective Communication Skills Development in Nursing

Communication Skills for NursesIntroduction Like in any other profession, communication skills are vital in nursing practice not just to facilitate them in undertaking their duties, but to also to assist nurses to develop professional relationships with carers, service providers, and colleagues (Duffy et al. 2004; Hiesler et al. 2002). The Senses Framework as proposed by Nolan et al. (2006) is also tied to communication skills in the nursing profession, and more so in enabling them to meet the needs of patients, the staff, and patients' families. Accordingly, the premise of the current essay is to assess the kind of communication... Read More