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The real reason you should choose Buy Essay UK (No, it’s not what you think)

Every website you come across will have a page on why you should choose them over others. And they will give you convincing reasons – unbeatable prices, experienced writers, unmatched guarantees, direct writer communication , zero-plagiarism guarantee, thousands of happy customers and so on.

While the above are factors we offer too, but here’s why you should REALLY choose us.

Read on as we let out some ugly industry secrets that our competitors will hate us for.

Before you further, ask yourself what matters to you the MOST when you order your essay? If you said, getting a good grade or getting a plagiarism-free essay or getting your essay by your deadline, think again. Is that what matters THE most to you?

No, the most important factor is that the you and your purchase is kept private and confidential. The fact that an essay writing company helped you out with your essay should stay under the covers forever.

Are you absolutely sure that the company that you choose will offer you this? Your degree and future employment is at stake here.

Check out a few shocking revelations that have been covered by reputed newspapers.

Ugly Secret 1

Pay us more money or we will inform your university – 3

Check out what Mr. Chris Skidmore, Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom, has to say about this.

Ugly Secret 2

Want us to not talk to your professor? Pay us three times what you paid us before.

Do they actually stand by their money-back guarantees? Are you forced to pay 3 times the amount for the same essay? Do they blackmail you to order more essays?

Ugly Secret 3

The number you dialed is invalid. The website you are trying to access does not exist.

Prof Thomas Lancaster, Associate Dean, Staffordshire University, talks about companies that leave you high and dry by not sending them your dissertation, or worse, companies that shut up shop after taking your money.

Do you know how search engines show you the results you are searching for?

If you thought, the top-most result you get is the best one, think again. Look for the word “Sponsored” in your search results.

If it says “sponsored”, it means the company has purchased this advertisement. They need not necessarily have writers or even be based in the UK. All they did was pay money to get their website displayed right on top.

It is best to skip sponsored websites since you have no idea of their credibility.

So who SHOULD you trust?

Scroll past the sponsored results and look for the first few results that appear organically. These are companies that have slogged to build their reputation in the industry without paying to show their ads. If search engines trust them enough to put them out as the top organic, non-sponsored result, that’s a pretty good indication of them being worth your time.

But the search is far from over. You need to research more about the company before you take your pick. Check their reviews on neutral third party sites like Sitejabber, Trustpilot, Notscam and others.

Warning: Don’t fall into the trap of believing a website that portrays themselves as a “review” website but in reality recommends only a few select essay writing companies and strongly bashes others. You can be absolutely certain that they are recommending their own websites at the cost of pummeling others. And if a company has to resort to such unethical tactics, that’s a pretty good indication of how unscrupulous they are. Most times, it’s a ruse to cover up their horrible reputation.

So who SHOULD you trust?

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