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We guarantee that you will get the grade equivalent of the standard you choose. As per our last count, over 95.2% of our customers had received the grades they expected. However, we do not have a money back guarantee on your grades.

While many companies delude with false promises of guaranteed grades, we would much rather make our disclosures at the risk of losing you than misguiding you. We are not in the business of selling grades.

If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster! (Clint Eastwood fans would agree)
No legitimate company would give you a money back guarantee against grades. If they do, you should NEVER order with them because no 2 humans are ever the same and each tutor has their own way of marking an essay and everyone marks it differently. We have had cases where the same paper scored both a 1st and a Fail when marked by different tutors.

We sell a service that gets you exactly what you are looking for. Some companies claim the grade guarantee is as per their internal marking. Some companies say you need to rewrite the essay completely and only then can you submit it. Needless to say, it's a win-win situation for them as if you submit your own version, the company is not bound to guarantee its quality and if you turn in their essay directly, you are violating their contract. See the point?

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We are, however, candid when it comes to laying the cards on the table about what we promise and what we don't. What we do give is manifold in number as opposed to what we don't. So let's wrap that up first.

We do not have a money-back guarantee on grades, because there is a lot of diligence, time, energy and assiduity that goes into each paper. Know how we work.

Each paper is handled by a writer and a Supervisor, and they spend a huge amount of effort to make sure you get an original, custom written, plagiarism-free essay, answering your specific question, delivered to you by your deadline. Now just because a begrudging tutor decides to downgrade your essay to fulfill their twisted beliefs or to act like an unrelenting taskmaster, it does not mean we will let our hard work go down the drain.

Now comes the good part, and its huge. Here is what you do get, guaranteed, when you order with us.

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