Discount Policy

1. Over the last few months we have noticed a great deal of repeat customers using different identities to use "new customer discount". Our "new customer discount" is ONLY for customers who have never tried our service or heard about it from someone.

2. If a repeat customer uses (abuses) the discount, our guarantees including copyrights of previous essays, confidentiality, and no plagiarism will stand null and void for all their earlier essays.

3. "New customer discount" is not extended to "boy friends", "girl friends" or "relatives". Sorting out disputes related to misuse of discount takes away valuable time and weighs negatively on the quality of our service on the whole.

4. We take our discount policy as seriously as we take our service. If you have used our service once and liked it, please do not abuse the "new customer discount". This policy is important to protect the interest of our honest customers and to ensure the quality of their essays does not suffer due to a few miscreants.

5. By availing our service, you agree to our "discount policy" and understand that misuse of the same would result in your essay not being delivered and your order not qualifying for a refund either.

6. If you are a repeat customer low on funds, please get in touch with "help@buyessay.co.uk" and we will try to give you a better price.