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What are cookies?
Text files stored on a computer with Internet access every time you visit a site are called cookies. These cookies play a role in adapting the website to visitors’ needs, thus enhancing a visitor’s user experience at our site. They increase your convenience of using a website by keeping you logged into a particular site for any length of time.

If you prefer that we don’t collect cookies and send them from your computer, you can delete them or manage them yourself. However, please be warned that if you disable them, our website may not function as well on your computer.

The cookies we use:
Session cookies: These temporary files are stored only till you close your browser. They are instrumental in helping our website to recall your visit on the previous page.

Persistent cookies: The opposite of session cookies, they are there for the long term. They stay on your computer for a long time even after you close your browser.

How we manage cookies:
Our cookies are usually used in our order forms. If they are disabled, you won’t be able to use our services.
We use them:
1. To remember that you are making an order
2. To remember that you have logged in to our website.
3. To track whether you have used our online plagiarism checker.
4. To enhance your user experience, we use cookies:
5. To offer you support through our live chat service.
6. To track your activity with the help of Google Analytics.

Using cookies with third parties: We limit the use of cookies to completing a transaction when a visitor pays for our service or product.

We do not share out your personal data to any third party not involved in any of the stages of placing, completing or delivering an order from us.

Managing Cookies: If you have disabled cookies on your computer, we don’t guarantee that our website will function optimally and that you will get the best user experience. However, if you still wish to restrict or block cookies, please do so in your settings.

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