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One of our clients named Mary recently told us that she found us online and wanted to place an order with us, but then she changed her mind when she Googled "http://Buyessay.co.uk reviews"

The sad truth is that anyone who Googles this term is bombarded with a plethora of websites run by our competitors who decided to stoop so low as to warrant putting us fake websites to scare potential customers away by defaming us and promoting their own, shoddy services.

Promoting their own websites by falsely accusing others and scaring customers away from them is proof that such entities are out to get you and won't stop at anything until they have your money. So much so that they won't bat an eyelid before performing this daylight robbery on you.

Such websites disparage literally everyone of their competitors and give you false recommendations of their own websites so you can take the bait and place an order with their own websites.


Check the link below to see a live demonstration of how such companies scam you by creating a doubt in your mind and then preying on your vulnerability to further their agenda. Our advice to anyone looking to buy essays is to do their due diligence and not trust everything they come across online. It’s wiser to take things with a pinch of salt over believing slandering posts that put others down only to resultantly lose both time and money.

Read the following Medium article to know the most common ways companies deploy to scam naive customers

We at Buy Essay UK have a policy to not comment on our competitors, but we reserve the right to defend our business, which we have so painstakingly built over the last 15 years, day in and day out.



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