Quality Control Procedure

Quality control procedures:

We at Buyessay.co.uk take quality very seriously. For us, quality starts at the very first level- recruitment of writers. We have a dedicated team that sources the most qualified writers through various internal and external sources, conducts several rounds of tests with them, onboards the best performers, and familiarises them with our standards and policies to ensure they understand what we stand for.

Below are a various components of quality control that we use in order to maintain our quality standards:

1. Process of adding new writers

Sourcing- Most of the writers who join our pool of writers are referred by our existing writers. Why? Because the pressure of being a writer is best understood by our existing writers who have done it all for us over the years. Our existing writers are our brand ambassadors and it happens in a very informal way setting over drinks or just while casually hanging out. However, sometimes when an established writer leaves us to pursue things of interest, we do fall back on traditional means of finding new writers.

Written, timed test- The second step after sourcing a writer is to give them a timed test on a specific topic from within their broader area of interest. This is generally the most difficult part for the writers because they are required to complete a 3000 word essay within 12 hours. Yes! They are required to refer to a reading list of at least 18-20 sources and use them to write the essay. Once the essays are completed, we assess them with the help of our internal team of markers. Only those writers who score at least 70 or above make it to the next round.

Marking essays- As a step that judges their critical skills, we give them a set of 5 essays to mark. Not only does this assess their marking skills, this also gives us confidence in their ability to recognise a good piece of writing when they see one. Needless to say that a writer who is able to assess an essay correctly would definitely be an asset to the team because they would be very clear about how to approach an essay for best results.

Degree and reference check- After successfully making it through the last round of marking essays, we throughly check for references and verify the degree held by the writers. Once this step is complete, they are onboarded and added to the team.

2. Experienced supervisors

Each order that we accept is allocated to a dual team of a supervisor and a writer. Normally, each writer is associated with a specific supervisor. Supervisors are some of our ex-writers who have transitioned to a bigger role of managing a team of writers under them. A supervisor's main role is to coordinate with the writer for you, understand your expectations from the essay, check whether those are being met by the writer, and to take corrective, timely action to ensure your expectations are met.

Your supervisor acts like a bridge between you and the writer and essentially ensures proper communication with you. Your supervisor is also responsible for maintaining quality and resolving any issues you may have with your essay.

3. Quality control team

On top of a highly efficient team of writers and supervisors, we have a quality control team that keeps an eye on all ongoing order for their deadlines, the standard they are ordered at, the number of sources they are required to have as per the standard ordered, and the number of progress reports they need. This team works together with supervisors to ensure all the orders are progressing smoothly.



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