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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

NameInstructorCBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, can be defined as a form of psychotherapy that focuses on helping patients to find solutions to behavioral and emotional reactions to troublesome situations. The interactions between thoughts, feelings and behavior are addressed during the treatment.Though treatment should be tailored to the patient, there are specific techniques and principles of cognitive behavioral therapy that make it to be an effective treatment, some of which will be explored in this essay.Among the key principles of CBT is that it lays emphasis on active and collaborative participation. For positive collaboration to occur there must be a positive relationship... Read More

Chav Culture

Chav culture By (Insert both names) (Name of class) (Professor’s name) (Institution) (City, State) (Date) The meaning ofChavculture Chavculture is a group mainly composed of teenagers whose main objective is to cause terror in the society. This group of people can also comprise of the employed and the unemployed. They cause terror in the society so repeatedly. In other words, they practice lawlessness among theliving. Their behavior is anti- social; abuse of drugs, juvenile delinquency, drinking in the streets and rowdiness. People notice these individuals from the ir outlook. They put on garmentswith marks of Nike, Burberry, Reebo k and... Read More

Developing Counselling Skills for Health and Social Care

( Student’sname)(Name of Institution)( Dateof completion) Abstract Counsellingisa vital part of health social care and it is important to master thecounsellingskills that makeit possible for any health or social care worker tobecome an effectivecounse l lor.Inthis paper,Iwill discuss how theoretical perspectives apply to counselling work in health and social care , howboundaries and ethical codes are applied inthis fieldandthe role of counselling interactions.I will also look at thecounselling interactions that take place in health and social care, factors influencing these interactions and the individual benefits of such interactions. Thereare many theorists who have made significant contribution to counse... Read More

Language and Social Cognitive Development in Children

Relationship between Language and Social Cognitive DevelopmentOutline IntroductionSocial developmentCognitive developmentCritical Review of LiteratureThe relationship between social cognitive development and LanguageRelationship between socio-cognitive development and language among Autistic Conclusion IntroductionThe relationship between social cognitive development and language development in humans is very strong because the development of language does not take place in a vacuum. Children pick up language skills, and skills to comprehend messages and situations, from the environment they grow up in. The circumstances a child is exposed to in his early childhood years affects hugely his language development and his social cognitive skills. A child with hearing impairment... Read More