CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,  is a form of treatment which addresses the interactions between thoughts, feelings and behavior. This essay explores specific techniques and principles of cognitive behavioral therapy which will be effective for patients.

Chav culture is a group mainly composed of teenagers whose main objective is to cause terror in society. This group practices lawlessness among the living. Their behavior is anti-social; abuse of drugs, juvenile delinquency, drinking in the streets, and rowdiness.

Counselling is a vital part of health and social care. It is important to master counselling skills for any health or social care worker to become an effective counsellor.

The study explains how early childhood language development is largely influenced by social interactions and cognitive skills development in children.

This essay is about the research done to evaluate the relation of food colors and hyperactivity disorder in children.

The psychological perspectives in health and social care discuss the 6 scientific approaches to study the factors influencing human behaviour and an individual's mental health.

The essay studies the adolescent shoplifting behaviour prevalent in UK supermarkets and factors driving such behavior based on comprehensive research and findings.

The authors of this study identified five main themes relating to stoma patient’s post-operative experiences. These themes point towards the social, physical, and psychological experiences of stoma patients following surgery.

In this essay,a nurse working with a community MDT expresses a few challenges in the care model and recommends two changes. This paper is a reflective essay about leadership behaviours and challenges encountered by the nurse during these improvements.

A compare and contrast essay on human emotions and experiences based on James Lange and Cannon-Baird theories of emotions.

Objectification theory is a research framework that understands how socio-cultural settings objectify a woman's body and also impact the way a girl or a woman scrutinizes their physical appearance.