The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 law lays down the general duties and regulations for the management of health and safety of employers, workers, contractors, and other personnel present at the workplace.

The Property Law on Adverse Possession is a statutory law that governs the rights and conditions under which a person can claim the property right of land owned by another person. It also dictates the limitations imposed on the legal owner of the land.

Marijuana is the third biggest recreational drug used in the United States, after alcohol and tobacco. Many people believe it is unethical to smoke or possess the drug. This essay is a discussion about the different aspects surrounding legalising Marijuana.

Marijuana may provide alternative ways for pain management and treatment for victims of cancer. Legalizing the use of Marijuana as medicine must be considered.

The Security Industry Act (SIA) establishes provisions for regulating the private security industry and establishes standards and guidelines for protection operatives in the UK.

The Francovich Principle of the State liability under the European Law states that people can claim compensation if members of the EU law fail to fulfill their obligations

Arbitration practice and procedures are legal techniques to resolve disputes between two parties/arbitrators bound by an agreement without going to the court

This essay addresses the concerns of the two sisters regarding the transfer of trading contracts, the liabilities and benefits that might accrue from the target business.

The Equality Act 2010 in Britain protects people against unlawful discrimination and harassment based on the 9 protected characteristics mentioned in the law.

The author discusses the key elements that determine the validity and enforceability of a contract for business in the UK, with case examples to aid better understanding. Negligence of business and the consequent legalities is also dealt with in this essay.

This paper presents a detailed and critical analysis of the Hague-Visby Rules and a check if it balances the interest of the shipper and the carrier.

This essay considers how the Hohfeld’s right analysis has been applied in modern law of negligence and in the media law.

A contract is an agreement that binds two people and validates mutual obligations that are enforceable by law.

This essay enables a detailed explanation of English Law with emphasis on a legally binding contract, offer, and acceptance. Explanation about a breach of contract and the actions that an aggrieved party can perform is also discussed.

'Yemshaw vs. London Borough of Hounslow' was a case of domestic violence where the UK Supreme Court confirmed that the term 'violence' not only includes physical contact but for any other forms of abuse like emotional, mental, or financial.

Ukrainian Media Group vs Ukraine: The paper discusses a case lodged by the Ukrainian Media Group for violation of civic rights under Article 10 of the ECtHR in the District Court.

The paper discusses the Law of Defamation with regards to the right to freedom of expression in the court of justice.

This paper will focus on the nature of the employment relationship and employment contract. Through the use of legislation and court decisions, it shall assess the extent to which the contract of employment favors employers over employees.

The article explores the legislative laws regarding independent nurse prescribing in the UK and how instrumental they can be in regulating disease progression among patients.

The essay discusses the tort law of negligence due to injuries caused by defective products and essential factors required to make claims under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 (Part I).

The United Kingdom Employment law involves the legal relationship between workers, employers, and trade unions. This essay explains the application of employment law in two cases.

The paper discusses the significance and role of European Law in economic integration.

An accessory is any person who assists in the performance of a criminal activity. On the other hand, the principal is the person who actually committed the crime. This article helps distinguish the principal from an accessory.

The merits of appointing a sole arbitrator or a three-person tribunal depend on the nature and the fact of the dispute. Disputes that involve a small amount of claim are more likely to go for a sole arbitrator.

The paper discusses the UK Charity Law recognised under the Charities Act 2011.

The following is a case study that discusses the rights under Contract Law between Watchtower Ltd ("WL") and Classic Gifts Ltd ("CGL").

This paper is a discussion on the The CJEU case-law on horizontal direct effect of directives which is thought to lack consistency.

To illustrate the applicability of IPRs in the real environment, this paper reviews two main scenarios. The first scenario relates to the provision of advice to a music band, ‘YOU TUBERS’, the second scenario relates to the application of copyright in protecting musical work.

The paper is a case study that establishes the differences between legal and equitable law in relation to land law.

The analysis explores the various laws and legislations undertaken by the UK government for consumer protection and highlights the amendments taken for streamlining commercial advertisement for the tobacco industry.