Los Angeles, also nicknamed "The City of Fallen Angels" is a hot destination for hate crimes, gang wars, tragic people running for money, prostitution, and an alarming number of criminal cases recorded every day.

This paper talks about the importance of ICT and online learning in law. In addition to a SWOT analysis, it also talks about the importance of assessment tools such as e-portfolio and reflective logs. It briefly outlines key knowledge databases such as ICLR, BOPCAS and ASSIA.

Tackling Internet Childhood Pornography is a huge challenge considering the easy availability of indecent content. This essay outlines important ways to combat child pornography on the internet.

This paper will look at the necessity of making domestic violence a specific offence.

The paper studies Kornhauser's different theories of cultural criminology and also discusses the inter-relationship between different subcultures and crime.

The paper deals with tactical neighbourhood policing plans against antisocial behaviors through active cooperation between the community, police, and the victims

The paper analyses the "positivist notion" that differentiates criminals from non-criminals.