Criminology Samples


Los Angeles- City of Fallen Angels

Los Angeles; the City of Fallen Angels1. Thesis Different people view the city of Los Angeles in different ways. I personally think that it is a beautiful city. It has some of the most beautiful corals and tropical marine fish at the pacific, not to mention the beautiful view of skyscrapers from Griffiths Park. The sandy beaches, the palm trees, the night clubs, movie theatres, Hollywood; these are some of the things that make LA special. They make it the City of Angels. Despite all that, LA leaves a lot to be desired. The streets now loom with people... Read More

ICT in Law

ICT IN LAW ICT has become an integral element in open and distance learning. It has actualised the long desire for distance learning institutions and learner to offer and receive education programmes in a flexible mode. However, the effective delivery of distance learning is dependent on the learners and teachers' ability to command good ICT skills. In an online course the quality of the learning outcome is determined by the quality of communication between students and the tutor, access to technological tools as well as the access to the relevant learning materials (Latifah, Ramli and Ng,Man 2009,p. 73).As such, I will... Read More

Internet Childhood Pornography

NameInstructorInternet Childhood PornographyFrom the case involving the State vs. Williams 553 U.S. 285 (2003), child pornography not only entails exposing children below 18 years to explicit behavior, but also entails involving a child in sexually suggestive conduct. The Internet invention in the late 1980s aggravated the issue as it has provided access to provocative graphics as well as literature to minors. Unlike other crimes that can be easily handled by local law enforcing agencies, Internet child pornography has been quite hard to combat due a number of reasons. To begin with, in most cases, through the Internet, pornographic material can... Read More