Healthcare Studies

Smoking continues to be a lethal public health concern and this essay focuses on strategies to protect children and young individuals from its harmful and devastating effects.

WHO has recognized obesity as a global epidemic and according to a survey done in 2014 over 1.9 billion young adults aged 18 years have been declared as obese or overweight.

Case study on postoperative nausea and vomiting: Identification of physiological conditions and signs, prevention, treatment, and care.

The essay explores HCA's role in the administration of influenza, pneumococcal vaccines, and vitamin B12 injections in primary care.

The paper discusses the healthcare policies undertaken by the UK Government in ensuring public healthcare, emergency services, and immunisation programmes.

The social model of disability helps to understand the social needs of a person with a disability and helps care practitioners to create an enabling environment for the patient.

Critical discussion on the problems related to healthcare, animal industry, and farming.

The essay evaluates the information provided on websites related to Alzheimer’s disease.