Environmental studies and Fore

The essay brings out the global concerns for the security and continuity of energy supply and the thrust on Biofuels as an alternative to other sources of energy. The European Union insists on the production and usage of biofuels.

The 1990 Environment Protection Act states that the issue of contaminated land in the UK can have serious implications on human health and the environment and also highlights the benefits of sustainable remediation of contaminated land.

This paper examines how realistic the exploitation of hydro and solar energy would be in the UK context. The paper also evaluates the benefits and limitations associated with hydro and solar energy.

University College Dublin has planned to incorporate wind power production into its Belfield campus development plans. The major dilemma is whether the proposals of the project require Environmental Impact Assessment since some officials believe that the EIA is required for large projects.

The paper discusses the impact of e-waste accumulation on the environment and the economy and the need for possible measures to contain the harm.

The paper investigates the negative impacts of fishing on the marine environment.

The paper studies the life cycle of a star.