Public Health Strategy on Living Well - Sexual Health

Health practices need to be promoted as it supports in controlling the health. For the health services, it is important that nurses should focus on living well and sexual health of an individual though it’s a complex area. To promote living well strategy, it is significant to emphasize on preventing the ill-health like stroke and vascular dementia, which could be avoided by stopping smoking, promote healthy eating habits, reduction in intake of alcohol, and good sexual health. The primary target population is of England, mainly the standard and the usual group that includes 50% of smokers involved in managerial and professional groups (Sexual Health 2016). Within the general practices of nurses, it is expected that they should try to promote the health by enabling and creating the environment that is supportive of health.

They can even try to initiate people to take healthy diet and help them to adopt an active lifestyle, as it is noted that in England most of the people are overweight or either obese. According to the data, physical activity level is quite stagnant. As per the latest data, it is evident that around 40% of the adults fail to adopt any form of physical activity (Sexual Health 2016). Nurses with the help of diet and fitness industry should try to promote a huge range of non-evidence and evidence-based programs. Although, it is noted that most of the people seek to reduce the weight every year, it looks quite unusual to attain as well as sustain the enhancement in activity level and weight loss (Public Health England Marketing Strategy 2014).

It is expected that nurses should promote the sexual health by reducing unsafe sex mainly among the young adults and men. Even social marketing could be used for improving the sexual health (Sexual Health 2016). This campaign can support in reaching out to people, and it is claimed that this campaign can bring change in the behaviour of individuals. To promote good health, it is important to formulate national strategy towards sexual health and promote awareness among people about HIV and sexually transmitted infections. Through healthy sexual habits, it can become easier to minimize the unintended rate of pregnancy, which includes setting up the national standard that could fulfil the legal requirements that could be assessed to abortion and exceptional cases.

These strategies can even improve the social and health care for the people living with the problem of HIV. It can even reduce the stigma related to STI and HIV. It is evident that England is continuously facing issues related to sexual health of many individuals. It is even clear that people have poor sexual health over here (Public Health England Marketing Strategy 2014). To improve the sexual health results, both national and local priority should be set up. A department of health sexual health policy should work towards it. These steps can improve the primary care service access and can even enhance the good health of the people residing in England.




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