21 Oct 2014

Can technology and planning help you study more efficiently?

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Nowhere has education become as exciting as it has been these days, for both teachers and students. The tremendous technological development has penetrated into universities, institutions, schools and even preschool. The use of technology has made lessons interesting and motivates students to enjoy and learn their lessons as it provides a change from textbook.

However, the use of technology does not mean that students should give up focusing on studying well, with or without technology. Reality is that, in spite of technology, if students do not apply themselves to their lessons effectively, they will end up facing disappointment in their evaluations.

There are many scientific strategies as to how to study well. Following them or implementing them in some way, is sure to improve the student’s concentration and retention abilities. One suggestion is by switching the place you study. Sticking to one position for too long, may not be as effective for memorising and understanding information as much as switching places occasionally. A change of scene does help in improving your remembering capacity.

Do remember that two is better than one any day, when it comes to studying. Studying in pairs or in groups serve to improve concentration and focus. It also helps you to conquer difficult parts of the chapter or assignment when you share and discuss with your friends.

In addition, discipline and time management would help you manage the study better. Allocating time for studying will help preventing you from getting distracted by less important tasks and will also allow you to enjoy free time without feeling guilty. You can do this by identifying the times of maximum productivity and energy in the day and choosing to use the less productive times for less important work.

Another time tested way of improving your examination and test performance is to use flash cards and keep testing yourself on important facts. The brain needs repetitive exercises to help it recall and retain information as well as to analyse it.


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