16 July 2014

Social Media Managers – An Important Role In Most Companies – Get the Skills Needed for it!

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So your higher education is complete and you have been able to sail through college with a little help from tutors and your own hard work. If you are contemplating a career in Marketing, social media is making waves everywhere and has developed into an essential tool for communication, engagement and marketing from businesses to institutions. As social media technology and marketing have developed, so have the requirements and skills needed for their performing roles.

Social Media Managers need to keep themselves updated with the latest developments. They need to expand and enrich their repertoire constantly, so that they can keep their performance above par.

If you are a Social Media Manager or looking to be one, here are some essential skills you need to have, if you want to make that huge impact and perform even better than your boss’ expectations!

1. Great Listeners :- Social Media Managers have to possess excellent interpersonal communication skills if they want to build strong networks with their customers and clients on social media. They should be open to feedback and should be great listeners who can listen to the views and issues of others. This is essential for sustained engagement and increasing their reach.

2. Community Management :- Managers will have to also possess the skills necessary for community management. The complexity of this will differ across companies of different structures. Community management involves ensuring day to day communication with the community on which the institution/business is focussed.
This is very vital to the success of the company’s marketing and branding. How the Social Media Manager and his team manages this, interacts with the customers and ascertains their views and responses, would determine how the company’s image would be.
The messages crafted and sent out to the public, have to be vetted and monitored to ensure that it upholds the company’s vision, mission, and values and does not flout acceptable standards of propriety.

3. Social Media Metrics and ROI :- Social Media Managers should be thoroughly familiar with business analytics and web analytics as they would need to conduct data analysis to understand and measure the success of their social media efforts. They have to identify the data that is meaningless, and keep what is relevant for the company goals, prepare reports and produce estimates of how well the company is on track, with respect to its goals.

4. Search Engine Optimization :- Social Media Managers have to be equipped with skills to ensure that they and their team are able to leverage search engine optimisation techniques properly, so that the content they market is able to create a strong impact. The requirements for SEO expertise include familiarity with HTML, keyword analysis, on-page SEO strategies and off-page SEO including development of inbound links, which would help search engines tag your content as quality content.

5. Online and Offline Networking :- To be effective in this field, Social Media Managers also need to be actively networking, both online and offline. Being a Social Media Manager does not mean that you don’t liaise, engage, network or communicate with members of your team, your department, clients and other external factors outside of social media. Engagement has to seamless and continuous.

6. Leadership :- Last and certainly not the least, Social Media Managers have to display exemplary leadership in managing and taking the strategy forward, in being problem solvers, in showing discipline and commitment to self-improvement, and progress of the team.



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