23 July 2014

How can you ensure you stay longer in an organisation after landing a job?

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You have finally landed that dream position you aspired for after a lot of hard work through your college, but the question that is worrying you now is how are you going to maintain this job? Statistics show that greater than 50% of recruited people quit the organisation within two years of joining and what is worse, one out of four people, leave within the first six months.

What you have to understand is that the skills and abilities which landed you the position, may differ from what is needed to sustain this position. Let us look at some of the things which you can do to ensure that you stay longer in an organisation.

Be Proactive – From the very beginning of your stay, you must show enthusiasm and passion for the work. You should be able to take initiatives regarding how best you can improve your work and contribute to your organisation. Anything which you suggest or do, which provides value for your organisation will go a long way in helping you entrench yourself.

Take up Challenges– You should show a go-getter spirit. Companies love employees who show drive and spirit, and a willingness to go beyond their familiar routines and duties. Show that you have that in you and you will certainly go places in your organisation.

Engage– Thriving in organisations is also about engaging with all the stakeholders in the company as much as you can. A sincere attitude and taking interest in what your colleagues, your superiors and junior staff do will go a long way in lengthening your stay in the company.

Stick to Deadlines– What employers respect at the end of the day, is dedication to your work, ability to give quality work and more importantly, stick to the deadlines to the extent possible. Doing this consistently, will make your task easier.

Quality Work – You should deliver what you promise. This is vital to how organisations see you in the scheme of things in the future. What many candidates don’t realise is that the more you promise but do not deliver, the lesser your chances of staying for a long time at the organisation.

If you are serious about continuing with the organisation you are presently with, and see yourself growing with them, it is suggested that you take steps to make sure they recognise your efforts, reward you suitably and help you grow with them.

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