21 Oct 2014

Effective Study Strategies

Can technology and planning help you study more efficiently?

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Nowhere has education become as exciting as it has been these days, for both teachers and students. The tremendous technological development has penetrated into universities, institutions, schools and even preschool. The use of technology has made lessons interesting and motivates students to enjoy and learn their lessons as it provides a change from textbook.

However, the use of technology does not mean that

01 Oct 2014

College Humour

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08 Aug 2014

Nursing Action Plan Sample

This is a sample of an action plan for Nursing

The following table is a nursing action plan sample. Action plans depend an a lot of factors. The given example is just one specific kind of an action plan. Read More
23 July 2014

Five Tricks to Stay Longer in an Organisation Post College

How can you ensure you stay longer in an organisation after landing a job?

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You have finally landed that dream position you aspired for after a lot of hard work through your college, but the question that is worrying you now is how are you going to maintain this job? Statistics show that greater than 50% of recruited people quit the organisation within two years of joining and what is worse, one out of four people, leave within the first six months.

What you have to understand is that the skills and abilities which landed you the position, may differ from what is needed to sustain this position. Let us look at some of the things which you can do to ensure that you stay longer in an organisation.

16 July 2014

Six Must Have Skills For Social Media Managers

Social Media Managers – An Important Role In Most Companies – Get the Skills Needed for it!

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So your higher education is complete and you have been able to sail through college with a little help from tutors and your own hard work. If you are contemplating a career in Marketing, social media is making waves everywhere and has developed into an essential tool for communication, engagement and marketing from businesses to institutions. As social media technology and marketing have developed, so have the requirements and skills needed for their performing roles.

Social Media Managers need to keep themselves updated with the latest developments. They need to expand and enrich their repertoire constantly, so that they can keep their performance above par.
If you are a Social Media Manager

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