Analysis of 1984

George Orwell




Orwell’s novel 1984 was really a best of the class novel which truly deserved the title of masterpiece best seller novel which focuses on the repressive state control on Oceania. The novel shows the way through which totalitarian state emerged in case no action was taken. Several supportive themes were present in the novel so as to implement the thought of totalitarianism, which were media, privacy fear and language.


In the current essay language has been chosen as the major theme through which state of totalitarianism was tried to achieve by suppressing the thoughts of people (Rai, 1988). The current essay would highlight the importance of language in the Orwell’s novel and the importance of language as the tool to achieve a totalitarian state. The power of language was ultimate in 1984 and it was used as the most powerful weapon for the politicians in order to mask the truth and mislead people through effective usage of language.

Language as a powerful weapon

Language has been considered as the most powerful tool in 1984 which contains the power to mask the truth and provide tools so as to mislead people. In order to control the thought of people and their expression a new primitive language was established which contradicts the existing languages rule named “Oldspeak”. The newly established language was named “newspeak” which was aimed at preventing people to articulate their thoughts and expressions freely. There were several terminologies developed in this language that tried to prevent thoughts and expression among people such as “nonsensical”, “thoughtcrime”, “good thing” and “doublespeak” (Woodcock, 1984). All these terminologies were developed by politicians in order to restrict the freedom of speech and suppress the expressions & thoughts of people so that their political objectives can be accomplished without any hurdle or opposition from people.

Significance of language in current novel can be determined from the fact that language has served as the basic tool for the survival of mankind. Hence language can be considered as the element of liberty for humankind as it provides the freedom of speech. Language has been used by the US government effectively in order to suppress people's thought and effective usage of language can be given as “doubleplusungood” in the novel 1984.

Considering events happened in Oceania language as the effective medium in the “two minute hate” that includes greeting images of the enemy with jeers, shouting, and building projectiles on the screen. The objective of such events was to create fear among the citizens of Oceania through effective usage of the language as depicted in novel 1984. Further novel 1984 has highlighted the way language has been used in order to fulfill political objectives and misguide & manipulate people, which have to lead to the formation of societies in which people are forced to obey government without any question and accept their rules mindlessly (Orwell, 1984).

Further through misusage of language political parties not only created an environment where expression of thought was restricted but people were forced not to think and see beyond things which political parties want them to see.

With such high focus on the language for the tool as mass destruction it becomes the best way in order to control the imagination power and thoughts of people. Importance of language in the novel was inspired by the story of Towel of Babel wherein civilization contributing to the development of Towel of Babel suffered even post curse of confusion. Further from the novel, it can be made out that government used psychological tactics in order to implement the newly invented language.

In order to implement the “newspeak” government did not force the people to read or write in “newspeak” but the government adopted ubiquitous broadcast of the language, which created pressure on people so as to adopt the language and communicate economically. With such broadcast, people were forced to adopt the language without any opposition for the implementation of newly established language which paves the path of political mottos for the politicians.

Orwell’s novel highlighted how politicians used media and abuse language in order to manipulate and deceive people. An essay was written by Orwell “Politics and English language” states that language was used effectively in order to twist and deceive people. Further language is considered in order to broaden the horizon of people and enhance understanding of the world around us while in similar pattern malicious usage of language for the political objectives can prove a plot against human consciousness.

Regime change is considered to be an effective exhibit of the language for the current age politics. This was compared with the real change in the state of Oceania where in reality change was considered to be as the subcategory of the “doublespeak”. There were two different concepts taken through regime change and both these concepts were contradictory in nature. At the initial stage regime change was considered to be as the presupposed of the dethroning from the dictator in Iraq with help of internal coup or through external forces (Lewis and Peter, 1983).

This meaning of regime change helped in justifying usage of force against the Iraq at initial stage while second meaning of regime change justified the usage of force against the Iraq as it stockpiles weapons for mass destruction against United States of America and other countries in the world.

Hence usage of force against Iraq can be justified in order to restrict dictator in Iraq with their powers to create destruction for masses. But this further lead to the confusion as change in the leader in Iraq was not the solution for the problem as change in leader would not necessarily mean change in regime and weapons of mass destruction would not be removed with that change in regime.

Media has the power to engineer truth with effective usage and control of language as depicted in Novel 1984 (Moore, 2004). Further language is linked to history and party in the USA has the control over history. Winston has the job in the ministry of truth to modify the news and to create an impression of the party as bad. This process of modification was applied not only on the news but through posters, leaflets, and periodicals as well.

Further media used language in such a way that pieces of information were repeatedly used becomes the truth for the people. Alternation in the news to manipulate language is also linked to the process of delinking people with the past by introducing several language barriers.      


The present essay has highlighted the importance language has been awarded in the past time in order to suppress the common man’s view by the totalitarianism thoughts. Language was used by politicians as an effective mean to deliver their ill thoughts and restricting people to express their feeling and thoughts. A new language named “Newspeak” was evolved in order to create a special language which can have complete set of tools so that people do not have a uniform thought process and their expressions can be restricted through malicious usage of the language.

Hence overall it can be concluded that language was used as an effective tool in order to emerge totalitarianism thoughts in 1984 were in the usage of language was completely inspired through objective-driven thoughts and creating mass destruction for humankind by objecting to their freedom of thoughts.



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