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1.      Title

Individualism is a clothing line that specializes in male clothing. It is dedicated to the celebration of men’s styles in entertaining and original style. What started 6 years ago as a men's style consultancy founded by brothers Aaron and Reuben Christian, has now grown to one of the UK's most influential men's style websites. An essential destination for all those interested in men's style, Individualism prides itself on the variety and vibrancy of the team, as well as the entertaining, educational, and above all, original content we produce. As indicated in its website, Individualism believes in “Creating original editorial content that educates and entertains the audience, as well as bring the community of men’s style enthusiasts together with respected and trusted brands” (Individualism 2013). This means that Individualism believes in educating and entertaining its audience through the use of editorial content. However, the challenge Individualism faces has been the inability to achieve these goals.

The report provides proposed recommendations for the Management Consultancy Project that shall help in solving the current situation faced by Individualism Company. The consultancy shall identify the major situation that Individualism is facing and provide practical and implementable solutions, on addition to providing the overall outcomes as a result of implementing the proposed solutions. Lastly, potential problems are also provided. 

2.      Client’s Situation

Individualism lacks a strong branding strategy despite its existence for 6 years since its inception. Moreover, the company has maximised on the major social media networks for marketing their products although they have not capitalised on YouTube. Therefore, there is need to invest in YouTube to be in a position to compete with other competitors sic as H&M and River Island and other designers in the clothing industry. This will address issues related to web shopping, branding and image, and its online presence.

3.      Overall aim and objectives

The aim of the project is to develop a comprehensive proposal that shall propel Individualism as the world’s number one men’s style resource for the average man in the next five years. This is achieved through addressing the current situation of Individualism.

The project aims to help Individualism achieve the following objectives.

§  To increase the number of YouTube subscribers through the provision of educational and entertaining content.

§  To turn YouTube into a channel that broadcasts entertaining and educational content on men's style for the global audience.

§  To rebrand Individualism's YouTube page into a channel that not only attracts targeted consumers, but ensures brand recognition and loyalty.

4.      Proposed Solution/s

The major solutions that could be used to propel Individualism as the world’s number one men’s style resource for the average man in the next five years are branding and the use of YouTube to increase its presence in the online stream.

a)      Branding

Since individualism lacks a strong branding strategy, there is need to rebrand its products. Kotler (1999) defines it as “any name, term, sign, symbol or design or a combination for these, intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors”.  In this context, the company shall use its brand to create brand awareness and recognition.  Individualism shall use YouTube to increases its presence in the main stream media as a way of branding itself.

b)      The Use of YouTube

YouTube is one of the major social media marketing strategies that Individualism has not capitalized on to increase its market share and communicate with its customers. Therefore, there is dire need to come up with ways that could be used to make Individualism You Tube page the best site for marketing its products. This could only be achieved through some principles that shall promote it to a marketing success of the company.

Consistency: Consistency is required to ensure that the best results are acquired. Therefore, rather than posting old photos and event videos, Individualism shall upload new videos and consistently share them with the targeted audience (Wedmore, 2012). 

Provide Value: This is the most recommendable principle that Individualism should employ if it wants to achieve its marketing objectives. It is advisable to add value to the video content before it is posted on YouTube (Hanks, 2010). It should be funny, more informative, innovative, entertaining, and creative. Additionally, valuable instructions, which could be used by audience such as how to match clothes, belts and shoes, should also be provided to educate and inform the people. Simply put, it should not appear like complete advertisement, although the essence of using You Tube is to attract customers (Hanks, 2010). Cool videos with value adding content are ideal for Individualism marketing concept. Therefore, each of Individualism videos shall provide real value through quality content that is informative and educative (Wedmore, 2012).

Be Remarkable: The use of “right-brain marketing approach,” to convey the content to audience in entertaining and engaging format to differentiate Individualism from the rest is recommendable. In short, the uploaded videos ought to be remarkable. The videos shall not be boring but rather entertaining and educational. Consumers normally have short attention spans. Therefore, so as to optimize of the viewers experience, Individualism shall provide videos that are not only short, but concise and to the point (Bolder, 2013). In this context, it shall be easy for individuals to watch the videos to completion.  The online entertainment and educational shows based around men's style shall be well edited and branded so as to differentiate Individualism’s videos from the rest of players in the industry. When all these principles are put into consideration, the videos put online shall promote viral marketing. Through viral marketing, Individualism shall be able to create spontaneous and unique encounter for the targeted customers each time they consume the provided products (Kotler & Armstrong, 2006).

Video Title Optimization

So as to increase YouTube traffic, Individualism shall concentrate on providing the best headings to categorise their videos. For example, the key words that people are using to search for men's style videos shall be incorporated. Wedmore (2012) asserts that it is always wise to incorporate key words or phrases in the video’s title. For example, catch phrases shall be employed to increase the chances of catching the attention of the subscribers. Besides, the title shall not only get people’s attention, but also promise a value added benefit to the user. Much emphasis on the title is required because it acts as the gateway between Individualism and the targeted viewers (Wedmore 2012). Additionally to the catch phrase/title is the use of eye-catching thumbnail that will make people develop the urge to click it.

Ways to increase our YouTube views 

One of the first steps that could be adopted by YouTube to increase its exposure and subscribers is to build an audience. Currently, Individualism lacks an audience. In this context, the audience is college students aged 16-24 years. The major way to increase the number of Individualism subscribers is to ask for it through the videos (Mershon, P 2012). This shall be achieved through the use of the call to action button so as to make subscription to the company’s channel (Wedmore 2012). Simple steps on what, how, and why to do shall compel subscribers to subscribe. The other way is to use annotation, which entail call-to-action annotation and click-to-action annotation. The former tells viewers to subscribe to old and new videos while the later allows viewers to click inside the video for subscription (Wedmore 2012; Cesario 2012).

The other way is to provide informative, funny, engaging, and value adding videos for the viewers (Hanks, 2010). This gives the viewers time and urge to watch and share the videos as they are attracted to them. Other ways are such as optimizing on the video title, using eye-catching thumbnails, and promoting the videos in social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Goggle+ among other social media sites (Bigfoot Digital, 2014). The company could also provide quality and consistent videos (Mershon, P 2012).

SEO tips that can make our videos more findable

The goal of Individualism is to shoot and upload videos that attract viewers who are potential consumers. To make videos more findable, Individualism shall choose key words for its video so as to be highly ranked by the common search engines such as Goggle (Bolder, 2013). This shall be achieved through the use of the YouTube’s keyword tool. The tool shall assist in deciding the key phrases and words for the targeted consumers. Another SEO tips is capitalizing on You Tube features such as adding links to the video content description, using You Tube tags, and using geotags (Bigfoot Digital, 2014; Cesario 2012). Besides, Individualism could also leverage on the presence of other social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Goggle+ among other social media sites (Bigfoot Digital, 2014). The You Tube videos could be shared in these sites to increase its presence in the Wide World Web. The company can also capitalize on RSS that necessitates easy publication (Cesario 2012).  

Posting Videos to attract new consumers

YouTube video shall be posted in a consistent manner to keep up with the trend of the consumers. This way, the needs of the consumers shall be addressed. Moreover, it shall be easy to provide consumers with the required information in regard to new men styles, promotions and discounts, new arrivals, and engaging and important tips. YouTube Academy (2014) advises updates on videos to promote Individualism brand and make that the message send is consistent and appealing to potential viewers and subscribers. The most appropriate way that Individualism can keep viewers busy is to provide fresh content at least once a week (Bolder, 2013). Thus, Individualism shall update its YouTube channel and be committed to uploading new and informative video at least two times a week. The video responses could be used to determine the rate of uploading new videos.

Factors that make people want to share videos

There are different factors that drive people to share their video content with other people. In the book “Contagious: Why Thins Catch On”, Jonah Berger has devised the STEPPS framework (Steizner 2013). The principles that drive people to share and talk are social currency, triggers, emotion, public, practical value, and stories. In the context of Individualism, it is vital to employ social currency principle. For example, the videos on You Tube shall be made in such a way that audience feel like part of the company and promote the brand. In reference to triggers, the videos shall have audio sound and entertainment aspects that shall activate the viewers mind to visit the site again and share it to friends (Steizner 2013). YouTube Academy (2014) recommends the use more compelling trailers to persuade viewers to view the uploaded content. Something funny always triggers a person’s urge to share a video with other people (O'Neill, 2010).

The provision of stories in a video compels people to share with others. As such, they provide the means to “to convey information in a narrative form that makes everyone lean in because they want to find out how the story ends” (Steizner 2013, p. 1). Therefore, Individualism shall provide best men's style in stories to convey the need for fashion in a narrative way. In this perspective, the stories shall act as a vessel for Individualism brand. To achieve this, the description of the content, title, and thumbnails shall be precisely used to tell viewers what the videos are all about (YouTube Academy 2014).

Emotion drives people to share a video (YouTube Academy 2014). When the message provided touches the emotions of a person, that individual is compelled to share the same. In this context, a video of smartly dressed person and the attention that person is likely to achieve creates emotion to the viewer. This shall prompt the consumers to share the videos and enhance the brand name in the public domain.

People share videos because of the practical value they add to them and to others. For example, if Individualism uses a well edited video with a clear cut title and a precise ‘description to unearth the contents of the video, then the You Tube’s traffic shall be increased (Bolder, 2013). This shall be achieved through the use of an external site to append a link to the description of the video.

5.      Outcomes

After Individualism employs branding in its strategy, the following outcomes shall be achieved:

§  Create brand awareness and recognition necessary for market positioning. For example, inclusion of educative and entraining content in YouTube shall not only market Individualism, but also increase its presence in the market thus creating brand recognition and awareness. 

§  Develop memorable images, memories and emotions in the minds of the customers which lead to brand recognition. Educative and entertaining content creates memorable images in the minds of the targeted customers.

§  The use of YouTube page to brand itself shall create uniqueness that the targeted consumers can use to differentiate the products from those of competitors.

§  Branding shall help Individualism have a competitive edge offer its competitors and be able to compete with its competitors and new entrants.

§  A strong Individualism brand will not only increase the presence of the company in the global market but create a positive image towards young consumers.

In reference to increasing online presence via YouTube, Individualism shall make its existing and current subscribers talk on Individualism’s products and bring more new consumers required to make the company the world’s number one men’s style resource for the average man.

6.      Potential problems

While undertaking the project consultancy, the issue of cultural challenge is anticipated. For example, consultants are often seen as outsiders taking over the operations of an organization during identification major issues being faced. This is solved through assurance that consultants are there to identify and solve the problems experienced. Additionally, effective communication prior the consultation solves the problems experienced by consultants.  Other potential problems are complexity associated with the project, higher expectations by the client, communication with the client, changing requirements, skill limitations, shift of deadlines and change of personnel by the client, budget limitations, and time frame may be short for full research, consultancy and implementation of the solutions, and change of the deadlines. That is, the client may shift people, deadlines, and requirements from time to time, which affects the achievement of the aim and objectives.

            There is probability of economic risk as a result of collecting information and data required to determine the issues faced by Individualism. For example, divulgence of the collected information to third parties may affect the economic perspective of the company. For this reason, confidentiality and protection of data and information are ensured to maintain minimum risk. There is no social and psychological risks affecting the research because no interviews or data was collected direct from a group of people that could harm them socially and psychologically.

















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