Implications of Information Privacy on "Computers in Business"



The Implications for Technology Development and Use

Information privacy has an impact on technology development and use. Although the development of technology has opened the society, it has decreased privacy thus compromising confidentiality (Gibbs 2015). For instance, in order to enhance privacy, organizations are required to enhance compliance with established web security standards and data handling in order to protect system attacks. The reason why companies like TalkTalk were hit three consecutive times was because its security system was not developed to handle attacks (Gibbs 2015). As such, technology development and use should put into consideration information privacy to prevent theft of personal data. Following the SQL injections on the TalkTalk attack, secure technology systems are required to enhance existing security defenses. The case of TalkTalk is an example of how the development of technology and its use can be used to enhance cyber-attacks.  The TalkTalk attack was linked to several security failings linked to the development of technology. Thus, technology development is associated with different information privacy implications

 Implications for Users of the Technology and Other Business Stakeholders

SQL injection is an approach used by hackers to have access to private data and information. This jeopardizes the privacy of different stakeholders including customers, employees, and suppliers. For instance, SQL injection attacks enable hackers and attackers to tamper with data, spoof identity, cause repudiation issues, necessitate disclosure of data, destroy data, and in other instances take over the entire database server (Price, 2016). For example, TalkTalk was attacked through the use of SQL injection, with 157,000 of its customers' data stored in the database accessed (Price, 2016). The attackers exploited the weakness and as a result, the company lost 100,000 customers, in addition to £42 million of revenue following the fallout (Price, 2016). In addition, more than 2.4 million TalkTalk Mobile customers lost personal information following the attack. According to Gibbs (2015) “TalkTalk customers were subjected to further scams, despite the company describing the information stolen in the breach as limited and non-sensitive” (p. 1). This implies that people must be prepared for information breaches in the contemporary world because the information is readily available and can be accessed remotely by attackers. From this example, information privacy is needed to prevent access to private data and information. In addition, it ensures that end-users and other business stakeholders are protected.

The Implications on Organisational Decisions

Information privacy has implications on an organization's decisions such as technology purchase and hiring decisions. Although information development has increased the rate at which decisions can be made, the issue of information privacy is still a major problem. For an organization like TalkTalk Mobile, information from credit cards was stolen and this damaged its reputation and credibility. Thus, such companies have to consider ways that can be used to prevent cyber breaches to enhance the effective decision-making process. Moreover, change in internal policies, as well as security strategies, can be effective in enhancing compliance to available data protection and web security standards. Thus, privacy issues have an effect on organizational decisions to be made.

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